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New work

Biophilia 2022-23 is Peta's largest print to date, spanning five panels and 2.5 meters wide, it becomes a fully immersive experience of south coast flora and fauna.

Peta_West_This is Jawoyn Country_80x120cm_web.jpg

Over the past year in my linocut work, I delved into the cultural landscapes of two distinct Indigenous territories: Yuin Country and Jawoyn Country. 

The Ravenswood Art Prize 2024

Peta West's original linocut print Halcyon Song (2024) was a winner of the Highly Commended Recipient in the Emerging Artist category in the Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize 2024.

West_Peta_halcyon Song, Jawoyn Country_web.jpg

News from the studio

Keep up to date with news from my printmaking studio. Be the first to preview finished major artworks, and hear about upcoming exhibitions. 


West’s practice evokes the sublime. Often works that tap into this line of thought are undercut with a sense of unease, as the grandeur of the natural world tends to remind us of our own perceived insignificance. Western Art History has long celebrated the achievements of human civilisations and the worlds we construct for ourselves. As a result, sublime landscapes are portrayed with equal parts awe and fear. What West captures so beautifully is a sense of the sublime without fear. Life explodes before our eyes yet we are not alienated from it. Instead, West’s landscapes allow us to feel a part of the great web of life, giving us a sense of coming home. 

Quote from Alice Sandner

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