I'm Peta.

I reside in the little village of Lake Conjola on the south coast of NSW. I feel so blessed to be part of this sweet community that sits on the Pacific and embraced by a lake that enters the ocean. Life here is slow but my three children and my husband keep things interesting and busy…

Printmaking is a relatively new form of art to me having only discovered it in early 2016 but has now become my main form of creating. I thoroughly enjoy the process of lino printing. I love getting a blank piece of linoleum, drawing an inspired image on this with the simple use of graphite. Then the carving with a handful of tools, slowly bringing my image out of the carved plate. This is where it starts to get messy…


drawing on the lino

carving the lino


inking up the lino

Inking up the plate with a roller to reveal what has been left (not carved away) then slowly pressing beautiful Japanese paper (Washi) over the ink to create an impression of my carving on the paper. After this process, prints are left to dry 2-3 days then they are numbered and signed. The numbering is determined by the edition amount, some prints have runs of 50, some only 30, eg 1/30 or 23/50. Once there have been the set number of prints made from the one lino plate, no more can be printed. Giving you a limited edition print.

I hope you may find the same amount  joy owning a piece of my art as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you. x

Aragunnu Mimosa Rocks National Park_Peta

Final Hand Printed Lino


Numbering and signing prints