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2023 - 2024

Over the past year in my linocut work, I delved into the cultural landscapes of two distinct Indigenous territories: Yuin Country and Jawoyn Country. Each journey serves as an exploration of identity, connection, and the inherent wisdom embedded within the land.

Within Yuin Country, I find myself immersed in a tapestry of coastal beauty and ancestral stories. The rugged cliffs, sweeping beaches, and whispering eucalyptus forests resonate with the spirit of resilience and continuity. Through my linocuts, I aim to capture the intricate dance between land and sea, weaving together motifs of the Dreamtime and contemporary realities. Each carving is a homage to the enduring legacy of the Yuin people, honouring their custodianship of this ancient terrain.

Jawoyn Country, on the other hand, unveils a different chapter of my artistic journey. Here, the landscape shifts, offering a canvas of rugged escarpments, winding rivers, and lush savannahs. As I traverse this sacred land, I am humbled by the deep connection between country and community. My linocut prints echo with the rhythms of Jawoyn lore, celebrating the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Through intricate linework and vibrant hues, I strive to evoke the essence of Jawoyn Country – its vitality, its stories, and its enduring spirit.

In juxtaposing these two journeys, I seek to highlight the diversity and richness of Indigenous cultures across Australia. Through my linocuts, I invite viewers to embark on a visual pilgrimage, where each stroke and motif tells a story of resilience, reverence, and reciprocity.

This collection, along with my other work, will be represented by Gallery Alchemy.

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