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Biophilia, 2022-23, 250 x 80 cm pentaptych relief lino cut 

In Biophilia 2022/23 - comprising five panels and spanning a length of 2.5 meters - West skillfully weaves together an array of flora and fauna, creating a harmonious tapestry that celebrates the inherent interconnectedness found in nature. The five panels act as chapters, guiding viewers on a visual journey that encourages contemplation of their place within the larger ecosystem. As viewers move along the artwork, they are enveloped by the delicate linework and subtle textures, drawing them deeper into the enchanting realm of West's artistic vision.

All photos on this page except the photos of Biophilia by Ola Moszumanska


These pieces will be represented by Gallery Alchemy.

Peta At Work 18_web.jpg
Peta At Work 9_web.jpg
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