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This portfolio of linocut prints by printmaker+artist Peta West is divided into unique collections, each one marking a progression in conceptual and technical scope. Spiritbird 2016 - 2020 was made in the time before and after the bushfires. They are images that celebrate the abundance of the natural world, and then its ability to heal in the face of unimaginable disaster. Songs from the Earth 2021 integrates new visual elements such as colour, whilst continuing to experiment with depth, carving intricacies further into the linoleum. This collection also embodies a series of personal moments for West. They are visual collages of her experiences throughout the year, marked by specific interactions with the surrounding flora and fauna. In Songbird 2022 West further explores colour reduction printing, alongside featuring some flora and fauna from the undergrowth often overlooked.


My prints are available through Gallery Alchemy, with some pieces represented by Whitewall Art Projects and Lauriston Press.

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