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For my third original handprinted linoprint collection I drew inspiration from the smaller plants and creatures that inhabit the area. Orchids, Ferns, Blue-banded Bees and Emperor Gum Moths meander through my prints. When working on this series, I regularly ventured into the bush and was taken by the activity of the understory. 

A point of divergence within this collection has been my experimentation with colour reduction printing. Works such as Coastal Banksia (2022) and Nodding Orchid (2022) are examples of this new printing technique.  

This collection, along with my other work, will be represented by Gallery Alchemy, Printmaker GalleryWhitewall Art Projects and Lauriston Press.

Cover from PW-Artist-Catalogue_Collection 3_R0_WEB.pdf.jpg

Click the link to download the catalogue for Collection III

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