Original Limited Edition Hand Printed Lino "Along a coastal track"

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Unframed Print
Along the coastal track
  • Limited Edition 1/50
  • Hand Printed on Japanese Paper ( Washi, handmade)
  • Print Size 60x60cm
  • Colour- Prussian Blue ink on an off white paper
  • Each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Please note all pieces are hand printed when ordered. Please expect a 2 week production time.


Someone once said, “ I want to step into your prints and walk around inside of them, they are so immersive”.

With each piece of linoleum I carve, I strive to entice you through light and shadow. Allowing you to be engaged in my story but also leaving small pockets of dark that bring depth and wonder to each piece. Fine details and bold marking leave textures that form the flora and fauna of our native Australian landscape. Immersed in National park I find my inspiration in the world around me.

The South Pacific Heathland Reserve is a 14 hectare flora and fauna reserve on the headland between Rennies Beach and Racecourse Beach at the southern end of Ulladulla. Along the track is a wonder of flora and fauna. Wild flannel flowers grow freely, so many different species of banksia and of course you can always spot a Yellow tail Black Cockatoo feasting on the abundance of banksia and casuarina nuts.

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